CLOCK – When David Letterman touched the abdomen of Serena Williams


The former world number one Serena Williams made another appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman in the year 2014. The athlete most in shape of all the times he was wearing a black top and his abs well defined they were visible.

His physical form finally convinced Letterman to play the abdomen of Williams.

Serena Williams vs Letterman

David Letterman and Serena Williams played tennis on a court built outside the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York.

In addition, after winning his Wimbledon title in 2009, Serena Williams was present in the program Letterman. That year, defeated her sister Venus Williams in the final 7-6 (7-3), 6-2. The Williams sisters also came out victorious on the doubles court and took the Wimbledon title.

Serena Williams

Letterman asked him if the opponent growl cause discomfort to the player silent. As for the doubles match, the two sisters growled at the maximum and Letterman was curious to know about the situation of their opponents.

“I often wonder that,” he said. “I’m thinking as if we were playing just recently in the finals and Venus and I were grunting really loud in the doubles and the other girls weren’t doing nothing”. And after the point, I was thinking, ‘Wow, that was quite noisy. How was that a distraction for them?

Williams added also about admiring Monica Seles while she was growing up and who really had a growl strong. “She is like the first person that I know who used to growl very loud and very hard, so that is the type of person that I modeled after my growl. Yes, because you have to have models to follow when it comes to grunting “.

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Serena also growls while doing different activities. “As if you play golf, gruño. If I’m playing soccer and kicking the ball, gruño “.