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Gastronomicast, a podcast for palates fine

This podcast is for palates educated and guts of adventurers who love and adore everything that has to do with the food and the drink, that is to say, the mere good of life.

With acid humour and a wide knowledge of gastronomy, the hosts of ‘Gastronomicast’, the chef Mariana Orozco and the writer Antonio Sempere (both mexicans), they talk about food, drink, recipes and anecdotes.

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The Rare Pódcast: real stories

In this podcast, you find stories of freedom, hopeful, raw, real. In episodes very well produced —with a narration extraordinary and a sound design impeccable—, Catherine May and Martin Cross told stories of Latin people in a maximum of 30 minutes.

There are episodes of Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and other Latin American countries. Our emissions favourites ‘The Rare Pódcast’ are those related to the feminist struggle in Chile and Mexico and the story of a man who lost his wife in a tsunami.

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The naked life

Rosa Montero

The Spanish writer Rosa Montero gives us —literally— this collection of articles written in ‘The Country’ for that we take advantage of our free time. This book is divided into chapters that address different themes: from love and heartbreak, to feminism, and politics. To get this e-book you have to enter in the Twitter account of Rosa Montero —@brunahusky— in and download it.

The dilemma of the couple

Esther Perel

Sexologists say that this is “the best book about infidelity that’s out there.” Esther Perel, superstar couple relationships, achieved what many other people tried without success: write a book that talk about love affairs with deep empathy and without judgment. Reading it will help you not only to know you better, but also to learn how to manage the experience of infidelity, a situation so common that it is no exaggeration to say that almost all of the live at least once in our lives.



  1. Balvin

Worth listening to and see what this reguetonero colombian did in his sixth studio album. Each theme carries the name of a color (with the exception of “Rainbow”) and the visual art is a collaboration with the japanese artist Takashi Murakami. In addition, all the videos of Colours will be directed by Colin Tilley, who has worked with Niki Minaj, Kendrick Lamar, Zendaya, among others. One of the more interesting elements of the disc are the guided meditations that J. Balvin included in each topic. These meditations are as ‘J. Balvin: Colors Experience’.


Childish Gambino

The newspaper ‘The Guardian’ describes this work of Daniel Glover (real name of Childish Gambino) as “the first great album of this decade”. There are a lot of R&B, hip hop, industrial and even the voice of Ariana Grande on the song called “Time”. It also highlights the participation of 21 Savage, and, as always, the lyrics profound of Glover on self-love, insecurities and fear of the unknown.


The secret ingredient: cannabis


Chefs compete to make it fly to the hosts and special guests with the highest cooking with cannabis through delights to base of grass, THC and CBD.

Modern Love

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Yes, in these times, we need beautiful stories. 15 years ago, the newspaper ‘The New York Times’ came up with to create a section to tell love stories in a very particular way. Nothing of stories reporteadas by a journalist. These essays would be written by readers, men and women who love, suffer, are happy, unhappy, nostalgic, aprehensivos, charitable, selfish, lost, insecure… Thus was born the column ‘Modern Love’, a section that since 2004, won the hearts of thousands of readers with its honesty, sensitivity and ability to show different types of love that a human being can feel.