Danna Paola will COPY the look Ariana Grande ¡curly Hair!


Danna Paola decided that it is time for a change of look, or at least so he interpreted it your hair during the quarantine period for Coronavirus in Spain, as the mexican singer he published a history of Instagram where it looks to have a hairstyle style curly Ariana Grande and without a doubt he was great.

A few days ago talented mexican singer delighted their fans with multiple snapshots in a bathing suit, it was not able to leave with complete freedom for the contingency of health, he found enough free time to relax and even has left to see trying new challenges of culinary, as it is to prepare sushi.

After this publication, Danna Paola was left to see to the natural hair is somewhat curly, and a simple explanation, that when you wake up in the morning of the 10th of April, I had simply lost its smooth with that showed up on the reality show of The Academy, and even the length of your hair is something that has decreased.

The look curly Danna Paola

Danna Paola will COPY the look Ariana Grande ¡curly Hair!

Danna Paola will COPY the look Ariana Grande ¡curly Hair!

After having presented in some of their scheduled concerts in the Mexican Republic, the interpreter of Sodium had been put on guard to prevent infection by Coronaviruses, a situation that has increased exponentially in his native country since your arrival to Spain to promote the premiere of the new season of Elite.

The mexican singer has gained a lot of popularity internationally due to its presence in the series of Netflix, proved to be a constant in his catalog of songs and undeniable natural beauty, at only 24 years of age.

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Ariana Grande is another famous singer that has been ravaged because of this confinement at home, since everything related to this music industry that involves an audience, has been canceled until further notice; and a few days ago, the interpreter of “7 Rings” imposed a new fashion trend with your curly hair with a half ponytail on Instagram.