Debuts Quibi in cell – The Journal of the state of Coahuila


Want to see Chance the Rapper play pranks on the Hollywood stars? To see a new thriller action starring Liam Hemsworth and Christoph Waltz? That such an edition of six minutes of 60 Minutes? There is an application for that and ms.

Quibi -that amalgamation of the words quick (fast) and bite (bite)- is a unique platform for cell phones that includes small deliveries of films and programs of television. All the das provides news, sports and weather, under the name of Daily Essentials, which add to the impressive amount of 175 programs planned for this year.

The platform debut on Monday in the united States and Canada with a free trial period of 90 das and 50 programs, all in segments of maximum 10 minutes.

Among the productions include Punkd, with Chance the Rapper as anfitrin and executive producer; the film from Hemsworth and Waltz Most Dangerous Game.

Other than they will appear in Quibi are Reese Witherspoon, Joe Jonas, Jennifer Lpez, Lena Waithe and Sophie Turner.