Do you want to change your hair color? These are the trends to 2020


The color comes in with strength to the hair. In this beginning of the year are the dyes that raze, the real change of image that our face needs. According to the “app” of beauty “online”, Treatwell, the color changes in the hair an increase of 26% between January and February with respect to the rest of the year. And ensures that the color of 2020 chosen by Pantone, the “classic blue”, has also come to the manes, as demonstrated by the image of Katy Perry or Kylie Jenner.

The stylist Noelia Jiménez believes that “it is always possible to find the style and color that most encourages, and adapt to the personality of each one”, and warns that the main figure to keep in mind is that “healthy and natural is always above the trend. You can’t compromise the health of the hair to look spectacular”.

Take the smoked

The stylist believes that one of the big trends of the season is the “smoky gold” a tone that “it works the same in curly hair and smooth, and both blondes as brunettes”. According to Noelia Jiménez does not require a maintenance end, “because that disguises the effect of root”. It is of a golden hue smoked that is applied in a manner similar to the mechas balayage, giving special prominence to the tips. If you flee from the blonde, the black is your color, or “almost” black. “Depending on the tone of the skin, some experts recommend a dark brown better than the black jet”, he says.

Without coloration full

“Highlights “babylights” are a perfect choice if you are looking for is to give light to the hair, no coloration and complete,” says the specialist. The technique consists of creating small lights in the entire head, applying a lighter colored, making for some subtle reflections of light, which lighten the base shade and attract natural light into the face, softening the features.

For Noelia Jiménez tone “lossy mocha” in 2020 at the woman with brown hair, turn away from the light blondes and is looking to raise the pitch of most natural way. If you have a dark tone, added lights in a tone a little lighter than the root, but without being blonde. This technique adds dimension to the hair, giving the face a fresh and bright without a colouring in the extreme.

The tone redhead always wins out

Emma Stone is one of the actresses who has contributed to the fact that the redhead is not a tone distinct in coloration and will continue to be a trend in 2020. With a wide variety of shade “is a color that requires a good to make an expert to indicate which is the most suitable for every skin type,” says Jimenez.

If you bet so natural, nothing like leaving the gray in the open in 2020 and break free. If you have performed the processes of colouring in the hair, this can be a long and complicated process, no doubt a long-term commitment. You just need expert advice, perseverance and a lot of confidence.

Bet the platinum blonde

The stylist Paul Tudor, stylist, beauty centre David Künzle, bet by the platinum blonde, the “ice blonde” coloring that you need a hair of quality. “The hair should be healthy and strong, if it is very dry, brittle, or damaged, and without elasticity, it is best to wait for it to recover,” he says.

Tudor ensures that a single discoloration is not enough, so you advise to practice two soft instead of strong and adds that “you can apply a matizador to get to a blonde, more white or more ash, or with shades in tones of pink or blue.” Recommended to not wash your head for two days, the best way that “the scalp to re-generate the film of lipid, which is a natural protector”. Following with this trend, the stylist suggests to tone the hair with some tone smoky gray, pale violet, ice blue, beige neutral, or pearlized pink, all of them perfect to wear at this time of year. “Another effect of fashion is blending a tone of hair smoked at the roots and toning the rest with a violet color, pastel pure,” concludes Tudor.