Don Maluma, Justin Bieber and more! 4 music documentaries of Youtube Originals that you can watch free


If you’re a fan of the music and you’re always looking for the way to get to know your favorite artists, maybe you should take a tour by Youtubebecause there are several interesting documentaries about the idols of the moment.

Since a couple of years ago, Youtube Originals it has been closer to some stars and musicals, and has produced a series of documentaries on them, do best of all? they are completely free and you can see them when you want. Below we list 4 of them.

1. Coachella: 20 years in the desert

This documentary reviews the two decades of its existence the festival, recalling some of the best performances, and unforgettable moments that you will demonstrate why it has become one of the most important festivals of the globe. The documentary also features interviews with musicians that have been presented on the stage.

‘Coachella: 20 years in the desert’ will be released next April 10, and may be seen in the channel official Youtube of Coachella free of charge.

2. Justin Bieber: Seasons

This documentary series focuses on the career of Justin Bieber after you cancel the final part of your tour, 2017, for the album ‘Purpose’. The show is described as “an intimate look and in-depth how he creates his music,” and portrays the production of their latest album, ‘Changes’.

This documentary can be seen in the channel official of Justin Bieber on Youtube.

3. Maluma: What I was, who I am, what I will be

In this documentary, Maluma described in his own words how he came to the place which has as its idol pop. From his childhood in the family and the various difficulties that had to move to the beginning of his career, resulting in a documentary that reveals the most intimate interpreter of colombia.

‘Maluma: What I was, who I am, what I will be’, can be seen through the official channel of Maluma on Youtube.

4. Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated

The documentary Simply Complicated offers a look very close to the recording process of the album ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ and has a strong revelations of Demi Lovato in one of the stages more complicated of his life. Addictions and bipolar disorder are issues that Demi faces for the first time before the cameras.

This intimate and revealing documentary, can be seen in the official Youtube channel Demi Lovato.