Don’t miss! The best memes of a week full of novelties


The memes are a rage in the networks. In any event, unusual or funny, the users are a feast, and generate contents that are viralizados in social networks. This week was no different, with different news people took advantage of their time of quarantine to take out all their creativity.

One of the most discussed subjects of the week was the presentation of the controls of the next PlayStation 5 Sony. The console is being eagerly awaited by the lovers of video games. The memes were not long in coming because the jostick has an incredible resemblance to the helmet of the imperial troops of Star Wars.

The most expected novelty of the week, it was the season 4 of The House of Paper. The networks broke into memes and more shared in Argentina were around the character of Rodrigo de la Serna (palermo), and “Arturito”. Without a doubt the hostage is one of the most hated of the series, so compared to the coronavirus.

Other memes, more funny of the week was about the greeting between the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Cuauhtémoc Blanco, a former footballer who is now governor of Morelos. Due to the social distancing, in the meeting greeted each other with the feet. For this reason, they added a football between them and the image was very funny.

Finally, another topic widely spoken was the leak of the images of the house of Justin Bieber. It is a huge mansion that the users in the networks to be compared with a prototype rejected from a game console, the homeromóvil of the Simpsons, or until the base of “The avengers”. This week there were plenty of reasons to make memes!