Ex – star of the Disney Channel became a nurse and now fights the COVID-19


Another ex – star of Disney Channel has decided to join in the “struggle” against the COVID-19 or coronavirus as one of the nurses who devote all their efforts to treat those affected by this disease.

Ex - star of the Disney Channel became a nurse and now fights the COVID-19

Jennifer Stone becomes a nurse to leave Disney Channel

It is Jennifer Stone, who gave birth to Harper in “The Sorcerers of Waverly Place”series Disney Channel that gave fame to his partner of scene, Selena Gomez.

  • “I just hope to be at the height of all the amazing health care providers in the first line (against the COVID-19) now as I prepare to join them.”

Jennifer Stone of 27 years age, was enrolled in a school of nursing shortly after that will end the series of Disney Channel, “Wizards of Waverly Place”.

In its official account of Instagram, the actress of Disney announced that it is finally a professional nurse and may form part of a medical team that fights to the COVID-19.

  • “A very good friend of mine pointed out to me that today is #WorldHealthDay. It is also the day that I went from being a volunteer, then as a nursing student and now a resident of RN”.

Stars of Disney Channel are fighting the COVID-19

Jennifer Stone (Wizards of Waverly Place), is not the only ex – star of Disney Channel that has taken action in the fight against the COVID-19, a pandemic that has affected all parts of the world.

Its companion series, Selena Gomez, will donate the profits from the deluxe edition of her new album, “Rare” to institutions that fight the COVID-19.

Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana Disney), donated food to a hospital of his native city and created a program in Instagram Live, Bright Minded, to help his fans cope with the quarantine.

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For her part, Demi Lovato also will donate part of the profits from your line of cosmetics to organizations that are fighting the coronavirus.