Ezra Miller could lose his role in Fantastic beasts after assaulting a fan


Today social networks are a two-edged sword. Can be your best friends and make yourself famous in a few moments, as happened to the guy that looks like ‘Shrek Human’, or destroy your race, and the love of your fans in seconds as was the case of Ezra Miller, who after getting aggressive with a fan who apparently only wanted to say hello, you could lose more than just the affection of his followers and would be obliged to abandon the saga of ‘ Fantastic beasts and Where to Find them – 73%.

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Ezra Miller is seeing gray after that this week on the internet were to become a trend. This time, however, was not among the most commented in Twitter by fiestear with fans, to break down stereotypes or to obtain a paper with one of the largest studios of Hollywood. On the contrary, showed itself time and time again in a video that attacks a fan who approached, as trying to play with him or do you laugh, and immediately the actor you are going over, the breaks down and you see that the begins to choke her. Before this, the person who was recording the video tries to stop him.

Such an incident is costing him the love, that well-earned had, of his followers. But, above all, one must remember that the big studios don’t forgive so easily situations of this type, or that its actors loaded with a bad reputation. Following this line and in accordance with information from We Got This Covered, the actor from Justice League – 41% could send its participation in the films the world of Harry Potter, Fantastic beasts, which was developed as a Credence Barebone, a character who according to the narrative was gaining a lot of strength and relevance in the franchise.

So far, no one from Warner Bros. he has commented nothing, not even that secure the output of Miller of the following films, of which the third part was about to begin to film and two more were in process pre-production. Neither the author, J. K. Rowling , who always defends his positions and is very adept at the social networks, has uttered any statement nor against, nor in favour.

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When it came to Johnny Depp, the writer defended him to the hilt for it to appear in Fantastic Animals: The Crimes of Grindelwald – 48%, despite being accused of domestic violence by his former wife, Amber Heard. The creator of the magical world of Harry Potter held its decision and supported at all times the actor of Alice in Wonderland – 79%.

On the other hand, in the case of Deppnow it is known that the accusations could have been libel, and that after the evidence presented to the jury could be declared innocent, something that for Ezra it seems unlikely, since the video has gone around the world and it would take a very, very good explanation before the incident happened, or an apology very moving so you don’t lose all that had been achieved.

And it turns out to be that not only could you lose your role as a Credence, but that their followers have requested that they also be deposed of his role as the hero of DC: the Flash, which had confirmed a film in which Miller I was very involved, not only as an actor but even as a part of the script.

From your participation in We need to Talk about Kevin – 76% of Lynne Ramsay, and then next to Emma Watson in The perks of Being Invisible – 85% seemed there were no limits in the race Ezra, had a future which he painted to be promising.

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