Famous face of strong criticism during the quarantine


The famous have sought ways of staying close to their fans during this quarantine by the coronavirus and show a bit of your privacy to be exposed to strong reviews.

Portia de Rossi, couple of the comedian and TV presenter Ellen Degeneres he has been working as a chef in your own kitchen during the running of the bulls by the coronavirus and noted “it has been an eye-opening experience for the actressand for his followers”.

Also, have discovered more things that I didn’t know your partner, “we’re learning a lot from each other in quarantine!”, supported in Instagram.

Social distancing has section to the famous your army of publicists and stylists. They are boring and without a filter and, often, they look incredibly close.

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Another example is the singer Cardi B who launched head on a huge tower of Jenga and boba Madonna sang her hit “Vogue” using a hair brush as a microphone but changed the lyrics to include fried fish.

Another is Hillary Swank who learned to crochet and now has a new knitted beanie to prove it.

While Ariana Grande bragged about his mane and natural Marlee Matlin put on her old wedding dress.

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Another of the artists who face peculiar way of having fun, Justin Bieber who played a classic childhood “the floor is lava”. Dressed in a pajama one-piece and a hat of winter, the singer jumped in his huge living room on cushions, chairs, stools, two skateboards and a roller. The video has more than 9 million views.

Neal Schaffer , an advisor of strategies for social networks and author of the new book “The Age of Influence” says, “I think people now need more than ever the human touch, and I think that celebrities really understand that.”

The singer Pink, who some days ago revealed that he had become infected by coronaviruses showed an eccentric change of look, I made it by herself!

When I drink, I come up with ideas really, really brilliant..And last night I had an idea: I can cut hair, the singer showed some parts of his head with the hair chopped or shaved.

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It turns out that celebrities are also normal people, are like us: they get drunk and do crazy things. They are like us in other ways. Among other things, visit the bathroom of Selena Gómez and the hot Adrienne Warren, actress of Broadway.

While Patti Lupone make a difference by participating in a charity event transmitted by streaming live and presented by O’donnell.

Yuval Ben-Itzhak, the executive director of Socialbakers, a company of marketing on social networks, has noticed the trend and promote it as their suspicions of the fans argued it would reward the celebrities when all of this happens.

There is also the danger that the celebrities decide to take advantage of the virus. Experts in social media warn that this is not the time to try to sell products for profit.

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is about to that limit when floods relentlessly his account of Instagram with messages that stand out and drive your brand tequila.