Famous without filters on social networks


Portia de Rossi has been learning to cook during her imprisonment by the coronavirus. It has been an eye-opening experience for the actress, and for his followers.

It has been cut and burnt, s. has Also discovered that you don’t like some flavors of indian cuisine, and that his wife, the comedian and TV presenter Ellen Degeneres, is not a fan of curry and chickpeas.

We are learning a lot from each other in quarantine!, supported in Instagram.

Without a doubt, that what we are doing by these days, and in special about our celebrities. Social distancing has turned to the most famous of his army of publicists and stylists. They are boring and without a filter and, often, they look increblemente nearby.

Cardi B recently lanz head without explanation against a huge tower of Jenga and boba Madonna cant its success of Vogue using a hair brush as microphonic, but I changed the lyrics to include fried fish.


When I drink, I come up with ideas, really bright, confes the singer Pink recently. And last night I had an idea: I cut hair. Then showed some parts of his head with the hair chopped or shaved.

Stranded at home, Justin Bieber opt for playing a classical case of childhood: The floor is lava. Dressed in a pajama one-piece and a hat of winter, the singer salt in your huge living room on cushions, chairs, stools, two skateboards and a roller. The video has more than 9 million views.

There is also the danger that the celebrities decide to take advantage of the virus. Dwayne The Rock Johnson flooded his account of Instagram with messages that stand out and drive your brand of tequila.