Fans believe that Jennifer Lawrence is a robot


The celebs continue to use social networks as a medium of communication in the midst of the crisis by the coronavirus. Some of them have done live broadcasts or even have joined the fever of TikTok.

However, there are other celebrities that focus on some more serious matters and tries to help the public and their fans, one of them is Jennifer Lawrence, who made a request to his followers.

Through their social networks, the actress shared a
video to ask users not to leave their houses, even in the voting period primary in the united States. Jennifer asked me to keep you safe and vote from home.

However, his valuable advice was not what caught the attention of some fans, who noted that the actress sported a
appearance very different.

In the
video, it seems that
Jennifer is reading his speech from a paper, but it is so concentrated that it seems not to blink, in addition to its position, some began to comment on the networks that looked like a
robotone very similar to the famous Sophia.

Others believe that it was the light of the room, or even the way in which maquilló your nose, you may also be able to operate, but without a doubt, your appearance looks strangely different.