Fans of Britney Spears were concerned by his strange attitude in Instagram


Britney Spears comes a relapse which took her to be admitted. Given high one of the things that he did was to start to communicate with their fans through social networking, but his followers are still concerned about their health mental.
The singer passed the quarantine in his home in Los Angeles and it was there where he made several postings on Instagram.


While her look is not the one who gave in their golden years, their fans emphasized that the artist shared the same picture over and over again. By way of a joke wrote: “Ops, I did it again” (in reference to his subject “Ops I did it again”), “don’t panic, the clone of Britney is failing” and “Deja vu”.


Britney in the midst of the pandemic coronavirus left a message for all: “In truth I feel that the small things in life are everything. The love of you and of my family makes me appreciate much more the small things in life and not give everything for granted”, noted.


I truly believe that if we all pull together, we put aside our differences and we pray for healing, then it could be a true miracle,” ended.