Fans were impressed with the nail art that was done Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande showed her fans how she got a nail art of impact from your house…

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Ariana Grande does not lose the glamour, unlike Kylie Jenner, who decided to take off the extensions and artificial nails during the quarantine, the interpreter of “7 Ring” decided to continue looking impeccable from the comfort of your home.

It turns out that the star shared with his fans the beautiful nail art that was made last Monday, Ariana decided to ask a nice false nails by correspondence, and placed herself as a professional.

Ariana selected a nail color pastel blue that fascinated their fans, who were inspired by his initiative to look beautiful from your home, and now they will follow your example.

What do you think of the nails on Ariana?, do you sums this trend of manicure in the home?

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