Five of the best movies in the space to watch in the quarantine


July 20, 2019, took place on the 50th anniversary of the arrival of man to the Moon. The mission of Apollo 11, with commander Neil Armstrong and pilot Edwin F. Aldrin became one of the most important facts of the story. From this event, there were several direct film that were inspired by the space adventure to carry out various movies.

Some of these tapes reflected faithfully the reality of what occurred during that day of the year 1969; many other added touches of fiction that lent the film of great interest to the public at large. From Epik, we wanted to collect some of the films best appreciated both by the audience as by the critics:

1.- Trip to the moon

This silent film dates back to 1902 and is directed by Georges Méliès. The story is based on two novels: ‘From the Earth to the Moon’ by jules Verne and ‘The first men in the Moon’ by H. G. Its duration is only 14 minutes and is one of the first tapes with special effects in the world of cinema.

2.- Star Wars

The saga of reference in terms of the movie-themed space. Despite the fact that it’s been several decades since its premiere, the history between galaxies continues to conquered the public. Its box office figures reflect that as they are producing new releases. A story that will not go out of fashion.

3.- Apollo 13

Debuted in the year 1995 with Tom Hanks at the head in the cast and with Ron Howard as the director. The plot focuses on the preparation of the mission number 13 in the Apollo; the ship that got its crew will arrive for the first time to the Moon.

4.- Passengers

He came to our cinemas in the year 2016, with a elect of luxury: Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. Its story focuses on the impact of a meteorite on Earth and two astronauts that must move several people to another planet. The tape won several nominations at the Oscars for the best soundtrack, and best art direction.

5.- Moon

In 2009 he came to the cinemas this story starring Duncan Jones. It is, without doubt, another of the best films about the space. The plot shows us an astronaut that discovers a new mineral on the Moon which allows you to generate clean energy for our planet.

What is your favorite?