From Justin Bieber to David Otero: the review of the list, video to video | Videos | 40 to 1


This week the countdown begins with Justin Bieber and Yummy, red lantern of the list. In the comprehensive review video you will find two clips of the canadian, since another of their songs, Intentions, she has debuted as the entry stronger (#30). It is not the only double you’ll find; even, there are two triplets: the J Balvin (with Purple, Rhythm and Undecided) and the mexican Reik (which is also signed Undecided, apart from Dose and your new theme, If I say yes). At the end of the tour, as number one, settle down David Otero and Stool with your version of A black and white photo. We also remember the three songs that have left us: Beautiful people, Ed Sheeran with Khalid; Almost, of Melendi; and Roxanne, of Arizona Zervas. Give the play and enjoy.