Fun games for burning calories and exercising


We provide you with a list of four games to exercise at home that can make a family happy, or well, in a video-game console.

If you already got you down doing yoga in front of the bed or the routine of home exercises and in addition these with your blessings, maybe it is time to try these games to exercise, to burn calories and have fun for a while. Who says that you can’t keep in shape while you play?

What games to exercise at home can do?


You need at least three people to play it and a spring over, tied with a knot at the end. In addition, to ensure a healthy distance, you’ll be able to shed some drops of sweat and burn calories with this classic game of childhood chilangwa.

Fits your living room, or patio to be able to jump over the spring, without mistakes, with the steps that the players decide. For example; you can combine a foot inside and another outside of the spring, jump with both feet into the spring, push in both ends, etc, etc, The limit will be your imagination, and laughter will not cease.

2Just Dance

With 10 years of existence in the market this game is now on all sides. Xbox, PlayStation, and even the mobile (which can be used as a control). The version 2020 includes hits from Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish and Cardi B. The rhythms and genres feature a variety, in addition to that the video game includes a counter in line to find out how many calories you burn. The exercise ideal for those that live these days at home.


Classic game that provides coordination, hours of play and simple movement (ideal for distances up to healthy the smallest), you can play in the courtyard of the house or the living room, just draw a chalk diagram and establish the rules of the game. You can mark your location with a role or an object.

You need to put number on the boxes of the airplane, and in addition, a lot of patience to see (make) the jump. What makes you remember this game?

4Ring Fit

A user uploaded a posting to your account of Facebook, describing the way in which you had lost weight to play the video game Ring Fit, for thirty days. The team of UnoCero tested this game Nintendo Switch and you can see in the video what it is.

If you have an account with this console you can ask for in

If any are missing in the list of games to exercise at home, do not let you write it down in the comments. Check out some of the ideas to make virtual tours with the childrenor free the Marie Kondo that are within you.

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