Gorillaz releases video clip for his new single “Aries”



The grouping Gorillaz released the single Aries next to the exbajista of New Order and Joy Division, Peter Hook, as well as the singer Georgia, the topic corresponds to the third advance of the new record material of the band titled Song Machine.

For the promotion of this album, the group has sought to make different lake and telling stories in each of their releases, called episodes, in which the character of “Murdoc Niccals” is the protagonist.

During the new episode, the protagonist “Murdoc”, he travels on a motorcycle next to “2D”, in addition to include some scenes with the characters of “Russell Hobbs” and “Noodle”, who leads a small car in the style of the Formula 1, each one of them leads to an uncertain place.

Part of the song mentions: “you Can touch me a melody happy, but I don’t turn it off. Because then I am silenced. I am standing on a beach far away And even though you’re far away can you see my red light?”.

The video was directed by Jaime Hewlett and produced by Eva Dahlqvist, the animations were made by Venla Linna and Setareh Seto. At the end of the video you see the character of “2D” with a red bandana on the face while saying, “make Sure you stay in a safe”.