‘Home before dark’ points to the versions of Britney Spears


In Home before darkthe series of Apple TV+ starring a small reporter in a town full of secrets, the songs play an important role. Part of the mystery involving the father of Hilde, who lived a great tragedy when he was a child at the end of the 80’s, so that part of the songs that you listen to evoke that era. But others, those which contain the episodes, they move on the other side.

The second chapter, which begins to reveal the magnitude of what you’re researching, just precisely with a theme that highlights toxic that is all the matter for the people. It is Toxicof course, but not in the original version of Britney Spears, but in a piano, and minimalist, the scottish Nina Nesbitt.

Toxic it is one of the songs on Spears that more artists have covered, and it is quite common to opt for elections similar to that of Nesbitt, slower and more acoustic. This artist, interestingly, is a favorite of dating show british Love Island, who has used Toxic, and other of his songs to accompany their programs.