How he saved Disney’s ‘Onward’ be the worst failure of Pixar?

The recent animated film had very bad luck, it is not the worst of the duo that has created excellent productions that can be enjoyed children and adults, but it was the way complicated, not part of a franchise successful. Of any form is fun and original, but not enough to be able to be the queen in lockers that everyone was waiting for. Before that the number of red put together Disney saved ‘Onward’ be a failure of this bold form.

There are currently conflicts in the production houses due to the coronavirus. People do not leave their houses for do not promote the rapid spread and no people in the streets and squares, has no case that the cinemas continue to open, it is for these reasons that the productions have been paused and the premieres of the following month were postponed.

This all happened fast, just a few weeks of the release of the film. With the public at home, the streaming platforms were the winners, since they could enjoy the film in the comfort of your home. It is here where you note the game’s important that Disney took+ to do not sink to the animated film in the failure.

While the premiere got good numbers, you have to be realistic, not got enough time on board to be able to be considered an absolute failure, but when it all ended it was unlikely that things would improve for ‘Onward’. The best option for Pixar/Disney it was sent as soon as possible to the streaming platform.

At the beginning the numbers were not so good, but I just needed time. To keep the whole family in one place, eventually they were going to come up with it in the main menu. It is the best and most new option in the platform, the problem is that Disney+ is not available for all the world, but there is a willing audience to view the article in the times of crisis like the current one, what’s better than something from Pixar to forget what happens outside?

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