“I’m going to respond in English” – When Naomi Osaka was closed to a reporter


Naomi Osaka has been one of the athletes most popular asian in the past few years. Breaking multiple barriers, the star of tennis japanese has already won two grand slams in his short but famous career.

However, it is unfortunate to see that their racial identity remains a definition part of his career. Talks about his japanese doesn’t seem to end. Why are there controversies about their nationality proudly sustained?

Osaka was born in Japan of a haitian father and japanese mother. However, she has been living and training in the united States since he was three years old. Despite that, Osaka decided to play for Japan and became a citizen of that country. He also received more support from the Japanese Association of Tennis which the Tennis Association of the united States.

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However, there are many who claim that it is japanese only for marketing reasons, since you can not communicate effectively in their mother tongue. Once, this controversy came to light. There is where he had some skirmishes with the media.

What happened in relation with the identity as japanese star tennis Naomi Osaka?

A journalist japanese welcomed to Osaka for their fantastic victory at the Australian Open in English. However, she raised the rest of his question in japanese:

“Yesterday’s match, against Petra Kvitova, a player left, it must have been difficult to counteract. Could you tell us, in japanese, how difficult it was to deal with that? Just a word about how you felt.

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A polite but firm in Osaka that has been clarified in the past that can not clearly express their feelings in English had this as a response:

“I’m going to say in English.”

This behavior of the media towards Osaka is absolutely deplorable. When the japanese star has declared his nationality, but we all know the complexity that surrounds their education, to ask these questions is just an attempt to stir the pot and make you a tennis star to feel uncomfortable. We hope that the media learn to become more aware of your work in the future questions to Naomi Osaka.