Important! help! Leonardo DiCaprio launched mega project of food for the needy


Leonardo DiCaprio he was working hard in the last few weeks, in order to realize a large-scale project supply of food for those most in need who are being affected by the quarantine.

The artist launched the program “America’s Food Found” with which it hopes to reach the most vulnerable areas of the united States to the ravages of the confinement has deprived an untold number of families to be able to get food.

The main objective of this proposal is led by the winner the Oscar Award is to serve low-income persons, older adults, families with disruptions in labour and ensure children dining rooms.

However to do this requires the raising of funds, which up to now goes up to $ 12 million with which we started the America’s Food Found in several u.s. communities, as announced on the celebrity.

The boyfriend of Camila Morrone you already closed a collaboration agreement with Apple, Ford Foundation, and a large number of philanthropists as the recognized Laurene Powell Jobs.

“I thank them for their tireless work on the front, they deserve all our support,” said the protagonist of once Upon a time in Hollywood.

Today the ravages of the pandemic has caused a financial crisis in the united States, because the country is virtually paralysed and has led to the increase of the unemployment rate, which led to Leonardo DiCaprio to speed up this project.