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Kylie Jenner he did it again. The businesswoman and celebrity of the social networks, again leaving thousands of users Instagram speechless with a photo of her, in which she appears with a bathing suit of white color.

The image, as it is predictable, it did an impressive amount of likes. To be more precise, this photograph earned more than 7 million “hearts”.

The comments were inspired by the beauty of the famous. “This post it is one of the most provocative that you have spread in Instagram” said an internet user.

The number of interactions by the users may be higher in the following days as Kylie Jenner it has over 167 million fans in Instagrama fairly high number.

Only with the passing of the days you notice the difference of the amount of likes and comments in the publication. Just have to wait.


Kylie Jenner and her new look that surprises you in Instagram



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