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Recently, Kendall Jenner shared two videos through Instagram Stories, which did not take long to be downloaded by multiple users. In turn, they went up such clips to various groups of internet users that follow the gait of the muse.

In these recordings, made by the model with your mobile phone, you can see how the young celebrity it entertains the side of your dog, Pyro.

Kendall Jenner appears with a smiling face. This made many think that their days of quarantine was going in a merry way and fun.

However, some argued that the videos only reflect the desire of Kendall Jenner hide strange too to your friends.

Kendall Jenner plays with her dog, Pyro. (@kendalljenner)


Before to publish the clips to the side of Pyro in Instagram Stories, “Kenny”, released a post in the same social network in which she says miss too much to two people. These are the make-up artist Mary Phillips and hair stylist Jen Atkin, who have worked with her on countless occasions.

Kendall Jenner play with your dog just because you want to mitigate the absence of their friends and comrades close in these times of isolation, and share your videos to all of us solidaricemos with it” said one user. What will be the truth? Only the model knows.


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