It’s a whole herd! How many pets have Ariana Grande?


Songwriter american Ariana Grande, his short 26 years of age, has won the respect and applause of many fans and colleagues. So much so, that many fans claim it is “the Whitney Houston of this generation”. As not everything is the color of roses, on occasions it has been pointed out by the amount of pets that has.

Often, we can observe the experience of the star with their furry friends. With a final number of thirteen pets! vacancies are filled in their entirety dogs, least a, therefore the number thirteen is for Piggy, a little piggy. This appeared in a video is not official its song “Breathin“.

A whole herd

To follow the count, is Coco, a cross between a German Shepherd and a Sausage, which even has its own official account of Instagram, managed by its owner, Ariana Grande. In addition, also appeared in the video of the song Put your hearts up, the young star likes to involve their furry.

Although she tries, cannot contain their urge to keep adding dogs to their family. The last two pets were adopted, came last year and named them Harry and Snapey Lili, in honor of the famous saga of Harry Potter. The other two dogs are Sirius and Fawkes, also do honor to the film.

The latter no longer lives with her, because the coexistence will cost a little, for it is in the house of a great friend. Like Ophelia and Sirius living with his mother. Ophelia, is a poodle chocolate color that appeared in your video “Right there”. To complete the list are: Cinnamon, Myron, Lafayette, Pignoli, Strauss, and Toulouse.