I’ve been wrong several times about the qualities of return of Serena


Dieter Kindlmann, the current coach of the former is Not. 1 in the world, Angelique Kerber, says that it is open to the idea of training men in the future, after having worked with several players of the WTA in the past. After retiring from the ATP Tour, he served as the partner-hitting Maria Sharapova before going on to coach Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, Laura Robson, Madison Keys and is now working with Kerber.

In an interview to Tennisnet.com, Kindlmann, who was a former professional ATP, says: “of course, at some point that could be conceivable. I love the sport of tennis. I love to much women’s sport, I made my experiences there.

On the other hand, I was active with men for 30 years (while he was a professional on the ATP Tour). It is always important for me: I want the players to trust me to be better and more successful “. Talking about his journey from player to coach, Kindlmann said:” Whenever it became clear to me that after my career would begin in the Bavarian Association of Tennis.

This is how it turned out after I stopped at 30 because I had too many shoulder surgeries. I had a great transition as a coach in the Bavarian Association of Tennis. I was very happy there. I no longer wanted to travel as much and show something to the young players.

After three months with the association, the destination hit in the form of a call from Thomas Högstedt. What is known of his time in Oberhaching. Thomas asked me if I could intervene as a companion-hitting Maria Sharapova for two months. After agreeing with the association and that it could come back later, I said yes.

It was a new experience for me, in that moment I had no idea of women’s tennis. And then two months turned into three years in which I was the training partner of Maria Sharapova. And my whole plan that I had after my career has changed.

And I was also lucky that the transition from teammate batting coach Pavlyuchenkova worked so well. “ When asked about the possibility of Serena Williams win another major, Kindlmann says that it would be difficult for the u.s. if you cancel the season, but admits that he has also been wrong about her in the past.

“I never thought that Serena could play tennis so well at an age so advanced. But if we should really take another year off now, she already has 39 years. And the long-term disruptions are not good for her because she won’t know how much she is training in the meantime.

In the end lost, it was noted that she wanted to win and, therefore, seemed to tense. Which is extremely human. I’ve been wrong several times about the qualities of the return of Serena Williams. I am very excited to see where you will go your trip. In any case, it is still good for tennis that she is still there. “