Jeffree Star is fighting with a boy Kardashian unsuspecting


New in social networks, Mason Disick (10) called recently to Jeffree Star (34) during a live broadcast on TikTok. What Disick may not have known is that he was starting a war with a seasoned veteran in disputes between celebrities. Star, the CEO of Jeffree Star Cosmetics and beauty Youtuber, has a long history of conflict after its rise to fame.

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Mason Disick calls Jeffree Star “AF damaged”

After his mother, Kourtney Kardashian, removed its account of Instagram of short duration, Disick headed to TikTok. Us Weekly reports that while living with Addison Rae, Disick responded to a question from the fans about bloggers beauty said: “Jeffree Star is, as, AF spoiled”

Rae quickly changed the subject, but the damage was already done. The comments of Disick were inappropriate, especially a child.

Instead of ignoring the comment of the child of 10 years, the Star responded in a tweet since deleted.

The Star tweeted: “I Had $ 500 in my bank account six years ago … perhaps he is confused with his own privilege in comparison with mine done by myself, I hope that his father can bring him up soon! ⭐ ”

Unfortunately for Star, the screenshots of the tweet are still circulating on the Internet.

The fights of Jeffree Star with the family Kardashian

This dispute Disick is not the first fight of Star and not even the first with a member of the family Kardashian. In addition to throwing shade at Kim Kardashian West, Star is involved in an ongoing battle with Kylie Jenner.

The dispute began in 2016, after Star gave a negative review of the new lip gloss Kylie Cosmetics of Jenner. A year later, Star crashed the collection christmas of Jenner, which included a brush set for $ 360.

On YouTube, the mogul of make-up told the viewers: “This set of brushes with their old, and vegan on the cheap, silver-aluminum, it’s not worth the price. I definitely think that you are paying for a name of a celebrity exaggerated and the price, I know, we’re all like “the price”, simply do not think it’s worth it. “

Shortly after that review, Jenner removed a Star from its list of public relations. However, the dispute is far from over.

The article of Us Weekly also covers the response of the Star after Forbes named Jenner as the multi-billion dollar youngest made herself. In response to the publication of, Star simply says that “he rejected the role, so they had to choose someone.”

The other fiefs famous Jeffree Star

One of the disputes more complicated with the Star is involved is the dispute between him and his companions of beauty, the YouTubers James Charles and Tati Westbrook. In 2019, the Star came out in defense of Westbrook in his enmity with Charles. However, the Star later apologized to Charles, who then created a crack with Westbrook.

In 2016, Star faced a breakup very public ex BBF Kat Von D after she accused him of “drug use, racism and bullying”. In turn, the Star accused her of not supporting it and said: “Although we were friends for ten years, you never know literally you’ll wake up one morning and your best friend will stab in front of the entire world. “

Accusations of racism followed him to his enmity with the YouTuber, Jackie Aina. After a heated exchange of Twitter (since deleted) in which Star used the terms racist, blocked to Ania. Then, he asked the beauty industry to “stop making exceptions for people just because we like the way you combine the eye-shadow”.

Other fights, is a notable Star with big names in beauty as the founder of Too Faced Cosmetics, Jerrod Blandino, YouTubers like NikkieTutorials.

Fans react to the enmity of Jeffree Star with Mason Disick

Obviously, the agitation of the controversial Star is nothing new for their fans, but it seems that (with some exceptions), trace the line of the fight with a child. While some people recognize that Disick was initially wrong, the commentators criticize the Star for their commitment to the child of 10 years.

A user of Instagram, she wrote: “baby is coming after a child. just because the bricklayer has the blood of kardashian in him does not mean that it is not yet a child, even if it is more privileged than others. How old are you again, Star?

None of the parties have taken more pictures, but the Star can clearly hold a grudge. While it is possible that Disick doesn’t know what he was getting into with Star, it will be interesting to see if Disick will use social networks to respond.