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Jennifer Aniston is an actress Hollywood during the roles that she has played not only has dazzled with his performances but also with a smooth complexion and lozano and hair nourished and well taken care of.

In an interview the popular Rachel Green of Friends revealed that it only takes 15 minutes to be ready to go. As A result, many of us ask ourselves what would be your routine or your formula to get a mane spotless and gleaming.

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Keys Jennifer Aniston to get a mane glistening

While the u.s. has a mane that does not require much maintenance also has a few tricks for avoiding frizz and is very manageable.

“Honestly, just dry it with hot air for a few minutes, trying to emphasize at the tips, and I use my fingers to refine the roots. Subsequently, I leave the rest to air-dry”, explained.

So the main tip of Aniston would be perfect for the roots to give more volume and reduce to the minimum the use of the tools of heat. Another important point is to not wash you hair daily as this weakens faster the follicles.

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And you will surely have to ask and then what do I do if my hair gets greasy on the days you don’t wash? We can tell you that the actress of 51 years, use a dry shampoo to keep your mane clean on those occasions.

Remember that to have beautiful hair and healthy is possible if you keep the right care. You can include treatments or masks hair weekly to add moisture to your mane.

Follow the advice of Jennifer Aniston that in sum are: don’t wash as often as your hair to avoid the loss of strength and brightness, when they get too greasy you can use a dry shampoo and when you dry your hair, use the dryer only for the tips, and then let nature do the rest.

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