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Jonas Brothers decided to join a charitable organization to send messages of encouragement to children who are terminally ill and are being harmed by the quarantine that lives in the around the world by the coronavirus.

Through a video, the band members american, Joe, Kevin and Nick Jonas, showed their concern and sent encouragement to the children who are part of Make A Wish, a company that seeks to fulfill the dreams of children with terminal illnesses.

“We know that their wishes have been cancelled for everything that is going on, but we want you to know that we love you and think you are the best”, commented the artists in a recording broadcast on Instagram.

Nick Jonas, husband of Priyanka Choprarecommended to the children to entertain their minds with art for amilanar confinement. “I know that times are confusing, but what helps me is to write, it can be a journal or a poem, a song, or whatever that makes you happy”, he said.

Finally, the singers asked the children to keep dreaming and maintain the strength in these times as complicated.


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