Justin Bieber is trolleado at the global level by what ‘ugly’ is your mansion


For many people the luxurious homes of the famous are usually a dream for its vast spaces and unique details. However, the mansion in which he lived Justin Bieber between 2014 and 2015 it seems far from that category.

These days came to light, an aerial photo of the property on which the canadian leased in Beverly Hills, Californiaand for which I paid close to 51 million of chilean pesos the month. Despite its high cost, the house is not very much liked in social networks and quickly began to get out all sorts of memes about it.

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Bieber has been trolleado at the global level, by comparing your home with a food processor, a cd or the general headquarters of the Avengers.

Built by the architect Ed Niles, and described as “a modern vision in glass and steel facade sui generis”, the mansion has six bedrooms, five bathrooms, a “infinity pool” and lift, among other things.

Check out the memes that has left the former home of Justin Bieber: