Justin Bieber sent a message of encouragement for pandemic; is willing to help


United States.- Justin Bieber, used your account Instagram to send a message of encouragement for the crisis the world is experiencing because of the coronavirus.

As we all know, things in this time are definitely uncertain. Our routines, structure, and plans are altered due to a horrible virus that is sweeping our nation. There are people who have lost loved ones, and also people fighting for their lives. Today I sparked healthy so I’m very grateful, but I know there are people who did not.

The singer resalt that he and his wife Hailey Baldwin, they are working to help people with crisis economic effect of the pandemic.

I write this to recognize the people who do not have it so easy. I want to say that Hailey and I are praying for you, we are praying for those who have suffered losses and those who are suffering a great discomfort due to this virus. We understand that there are many people who can’t afford to stay at home at this time, people who do not know how to pay their bills. There are people who face anxiety and worry extreme. We love you and we’re in this together.

Bieber recognized the work that they are doing the responsible of the health all over the world in order to save the maximum number of lives possible and even help the infected Covid-19 to recover no matter who are infected.