Karla Panini and other celebrities who fought with their fans


The relationship of the celebrities with their fans is not always the best and, although many artists live episodes complicated in that the fans do not keep respect, some completely lose their temper.

Many have been the instances in which celebrities receive hundreds of reviews of users of social networks and the media for their behavior.

Karla Panini walked away from the public eye after fight

A recent case was that of former “washer”, Karla Panini, who closed their social networks, then carry out a discussion on Instagram.

The reaction of the comedian, exintegrante of the duo The washers, it was considered negative and received a wave of comments and attacks on their social networks.

According to an image that circulated on Twitter, Panini reacted to a picture of your wedding with Americo Garza, who was husband of his ex-partner, Karla Moon. The photo included the text: “you Stay at home! As well as you stayed with the husband of your friend!”.

“What a beautiful exit. It was one of the happiest days of our lives and stay at home my queen ah, but stay! As we stayed together, as well as against wind and tide stay in your house, but stay.”

These celebrities have had altercations with their fans


Then his team lost the final of the Cup of France, the astro received criticism from a fan at the time who was on his way to receive his medal. “Neymar, learn to play with the ball”, to which the player reacted propinándole a blow to the young man.

The criticisms on the social networks were not left out and received sanctions.

Eduardo Yanez

Have been several conflicts in which the actor of soap operas. One of the events most criticism was when, in 2010, did not want to take a picture with a fan, who called them “sangrón”.

The actor replied, “sangrona your mother, fat, ugly”, which created quite a stir and outrage.


The rapper and husband of Cardi B lost his composure when an admirer of what was recorded while he was shopping. The artist hit the hand of the fan and knocked her cell phone.

Tego Calderon

The reguetonero reacted violently against a fan. They both beat him until the security staff intervened.

Despite the fact that there was an agreement between the artist and the fan, the singer was harshly criticized.

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