Karol G reveals what is the great message that carries Tusa in his letter


Karol G, sentimental partner of the also singer Anuel AA, placed as a success in many countries since the last few months the topic Tusa, which she sings in duet with Nicki Minaj. In statements to the press ensures that Tusa has a strong message.

The theme Tusa, success by Karol G, referred to in your letter with a positive message and is all about female empowerment. It is a great hymn for your fans to feel identified, reveals.

Tusa has a great message of empowerment, and very few people have discovered”, says the famous singer, originally from Colombia.

In an interview with The 40 Mexico, Karol G, who is 29 years of age, acknowledge that Tusa has given him worldwide fame and feels happy about it.

And Karol G also makes you see the same media that interviewed her that loves that Tusa is a song that we liked very much the men.

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Karol G you feel lucky because your music has been able to reach the public in many countries, a thing that few women artists can achieve today.

The colombian always have projects and new music, in fact, they already chose who will be your new court that is expected to launch within a few weeks, but he did not want to say what it is.

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Karol G is a favorite among the public of many countries

Karol G, whose real name is Carolina Giraldo Navarro, has been placed in the taste of the public that likes the genre of urban issues such as My bed, Pineapple, Follow and Ocean.

According to information in Wikipedia, in 2012 was launched internationally with the song 301, a duet with the singer Reykon.

As of 2013 achieves greater acknowledgment after introducing the song Love of two along with Nicky Jam, and in 2016, signing a contract with the record label Universal Music Latin Entertainment, which earned him more recognition as a singer.

During 2017 launches his debut album Unstoppable, which was ranked two of the Top Latin Albums.