Koala Challenge, the challenge virus that has resisted Maria Pombo


Any excuse seems good to try new hobbies in couplesomething that these weeks love stories most famous are putting into practice. Since the constructions of Lego Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner the sessions of pastry Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz. Of course, our favorites are the ones that are animated with fun challenges that circulate through the network as Chiara Ferragni or Fedez with the #SwitchItUpthe change of clothes in front of the mirror, a challenge that popularized Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. Although it has lagged behind in comparison of the new fashion viral networks: the koala challenge. This challenge, for which only two people are required and considerable skill. In theory it seems easy, isn’t it? Since the Spanish-Pombo have shown that nothing is further, Mary and Paul have been added to the test that seems out of a scene Mission Impossible.

Maria Pombo

But, what is the challenge of the koala? The marsupial is known for hugging trees both to reach the leaves of which it feeds as to cool off. Precisely, this form of move is the one that wants to imitate this challenge. While one of the two people has to stay motionless standing with her arms stretched out, the other you must hold on using the limbs and move around. The real difficulty lies in that it is not enough to go around the waist -a part that Mary and Paul got to the first-, but you have to pass also in the vertical, which means that you have to stay bocaabajo, at which time it starts the complicated part.

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Not only do you lack the strength to which none of the two falls, it is also important to have elasticity to move with fluidity and, above all, resistance. In the end, if one of the factors fails, it is likely that the challenge ends on swipe. Has not been this the case of the couple, who has had an ‘accident’ on the carpet when Paul was slipped to the foot. What the outcome? Mary falling to the ground (but harmless!). Yes, used to do show off his sense of humor, wanted to upload it also with an ironic caption. “Incredible agility and technique…. challenges of couple we don’t win no one”wrote the influencer sharing the video that he was accompanied by the characteristic soundtrack of the film Mission Impossible.

Alexina Graham

In social profiles, there are thousands of people who have joined the challenge. And, among them, is the model Alexina Graham, who has wanted to try your luck with a friend. By good will who put, the attempts of the mannequin have made it clear that no matter who is in shape, in the end is the control of the laughter that plays a trick and usually ends with the challenge failed. A theory shared by his followers, who agree that it is the main enemy of the test. Although as a conclusion, she recalled that the important thing about the challenges is not to comply with them in yes, but the good time is passed in preparing it. And, of course, to get a smile or a laugh to those who see it (for a lot that has not been completed).