Kylie Jenner is the young woman the world’s richest: Forbes


Just in 2019 Kylie Jenner and made history to be named women’s multi-billion dollar world’s youngest. Its 21 years, the entrepreneur was included in the Forbes list. Now, a year later, in 2020, was named with the same title for the second consecutive year.

Kylie Jenner it was named by Forbes for the second time as the young woman, the richest in the world. At 22 years, the fortune of the youngest of the Kardashian is estimated to be billion dollars and all thanks to your company makeup Kylie Cosmetics.

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[Foto: Instagram @kyliejenner]

The first time that he received this appointment was in 2019. In that time, managed to dethrone the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg who entered the list at 23 years of age in 2008 as the billionaire youngest in the world.

Kyie has defended its position in the list as a billionaire who earned their resources by itself to say nothing of his fortune comes from his family, but that is a result of the work he has done since he was 15 years old.

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“I know that I am a special case because when I started Kylie Cosmectics already had a great platform and many fans. I don’t have money of my parents from the age of 15. I used my own money to start this company and not one penny in my bank account is inherited,” he told the magazine Interview Germany in 2019, when he entered the Forbes list.

[Foto: Instagram @kyliejenner]

Other women millionaire

In the list of the richest women in the world is Alice Walton, owner of Walmart, with a fortune estimated at 55 billion dollars, followed by Francoise Bettencourt, owner of L’oreal with a personal fortune of 48.9 billion and for the first time, Mackenzie Bezos, ex-wife of the founder of Amazon, is positioned in fourth place with a fortune of 36 billion dollars.

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