Link to process to the former mp by acid attack against saxophonist


The Attorney General of the State of Oaxaca (FGEO) reported that it was linked to the process the former mp local Juan Antonio “N” for attempted femicide against the saxophonist Maria Elena Rivers.

In addition, the judge issued pretrial detention of accused persons, so they will remain in prison during the 3 months in which to perform the further research.

The saxophonist oaxaca Mary Ellen Rivers had demanded the authorities to pursue justice against their abuser, the exlegislador, in the hearing that began yesterday and ended this Friday.

Juan Antonio “N” is the alleged intellectual author of the artist to be burnt with acid, which occurred in September 2019 and perpetrated by third parties who also are already detained.

So far, in addition to the former mp, there are three detainees who have already been linked to the process.

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The former mp was arrested on Monday in Oaxaca, for his alleged involvement as the mastermind in the attack with acid to the saxophonist Maria Elena Rivers.

Mary Ellen Rivers stated that with the linkage process of Juan Antonio “N”, alleged the intellectual responsible of the acid attack against him, he gave the first step, but stressed that it will be at the pending trial.

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