Marvel: Star-Lord flees from the Land by associating it with the death of his mother, according to James Gunn | Chris Pratt | Guardians of the Galaxy | Movies and series


After so many years away from the Earth, Avengers: Endgame given the opportunity to Star-Lord to return to this planet to fight alongside the other Avengers in the final fight against Thanos. However, the Marvel’s hero did not stay much longer than necessary.

One of the most popular members of the Guardians of the Galaxy was one of the key points in the film that ended the Saga of the Infinite. However, fans of ‘the house of ideas’ still wondering what it really felt Peter Quill on Earth, the place from where he was kidnapped when he was a teenager.

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This is the question that has attempted to clarify James Gunn, director of the trilogy the warriors of space. According to the filmmaker, the desire of the character played by Chris Pratt going as soon as possible of the Land, as can be seen in Avengers: Endgamegoes beyond the simple desire to see again Gamora.

Gunn responded to a fan on Twitter who used the hashtag #QuarantineWatchParty to ask for the real reason of the departure of Star-Lord data that demonstrates that the Marvel superheroes to hide a sensitive side.

According to the director, “Peter he had to be back on Earth and left the planet as fast as he could. Associated completely with the death of his mother.”

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