Meet “The Justice Project” the incredible documentary of Kim Kardashian


Last Sunday premiered on the Oxygen network, a documentary based on the crisis of penal reform in the country. The story, which took place during the last two years was baptized with the name of “The Justice Project“, describing the efforts and visions of Kim Kardashian to address the crisis of penal reform in the country.

The Star of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” has made great efforts, by referring to different prisoners, lawyers and judges, along with a draft national two-party, whose purpose is to dimisnuir the number of people in prisons and jails United States, as well as the cigras of crimes.

“People think that because I fight for this means that I don’t believe in punishment. There are many people, sick people, that they deserve to be behind bars. But there are some amazing people that spend their lives rotting away in prison,” he emphasized Kim Kardashian.

Kim clarified that “do Not deserve to be wasted life because you have no idea of the circumstances that actually have faced or that you have lived that led them to make those decisions”. Among his inspirations, is a woman of 64 years old, Alice Marie Johnson, who was serving a sentence of life imprisonment.

This fact led to the star to explore a reform of the criminal justice system, in addition achieved that the White House he be granted clemency Johnson. Kim explained that this woman, “faced a major problem that we have in our country.” Assured that there were many other people like Alice, and she “was not aware”.

Alice Marie Johnson is one of the participants in The Justice Projectthat , subject to misfortunes, and unfavourable circumstances, achieved that these will end up in prison. Watch the video to see and hear more stories about this documentary Oxygen.