Member of ‘Justice League’ spoke of Ezra Miller and his preparation for playing Flash


The american actor has been involved in the midst of controversy thanks to a video that became viral, but a way to support a member of ‘Justice League’ spoke of the preparation of Ezra Miller to play Flash.

The images of the actor apparently choking a fan have been taken up in social networks at a global level, so that the video could end up having an effect hugely detrimental in the career of Miller.

In fact, there are fans who are demanding that he be removed from his role as the Flash in the Universe Paving of DC Comics (DCEU), something similar is happening in the saga of ‘Fantastic Beasts’.

The 27-year-old has not yet made public comments on the matter, but his response could determine his future as part of two of the most lucrative franchises of Warner Bros.

After all, the film’s lone Flash has already been delayed several times and the study you might end up seeing this as the ideal opportunity to completely abandon the project of Barry Allen, with the rumors that Wally West is already being ranked as their substitute.

This would be a big blow for the actor if I ended up losing the opportunity of leading the film after having been involved with the project for so long, especially when the coordinator stunts of the film, Eunice Huthart, revealed that she was surprised and greatly impressed with the seriousness with the preparation of Ezra Miller to play Flash.

Member of 'Justice League' spoke of Ezra Miller and his preparation for playing Flash giphy

Ezra as Flash, honestly, she worked so hard for, which came having done all his homework. Normally I grab the actor and the character, and I begin to talk about the development of concepts, he had done everything. Came and said: “Yes, but I’ve been working on this, what do you think?”, and he was brilliant“said Eunice Huthart.

The coordinator knows his job well, since that has worked in the franchise ‘Star Wars’, ‘Harry Potter’ and James Bond, and he has acted as the double of Angelina Jolie on several occasions.

It will be a matter of waiting to see if Ezra Miller has the opportunity to use all of your preparation in ‘The Flash’, depending on how you decide to react Warner Bros.