Message queen Elizabeth II coronavirus: meaning color clothes


For the fourth time in all of history, the queen Elizabeth II gave a television message to the british people in which he spoke about the situation of the coronavirus not only in Uk but in the world.

If her message was applauded for providing safety and comfort in this difficult time, something that many noted that the queen sent a powerful message through their clothingas is his custom.

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“I’m speaking on what I know is a difficult time. A moment of interruption in the life of our country: a disruption that has caused pain to some, financial difficulties for many and massive changes in the everyday life of all of us,” said queen Elizabeth to the beginning of your message.

For this message the extraordinary, the queen used a dress color turquoise he did play with a pearl necklace and a brooch with a turquoise in the center. A choice that many have pointed out, was no fluke.

[Foto: AP]

The turquoise-green color is characterized by symbolize harmony and healingso that makes it clear that queen Elizabeth II used once more his clothing to complement the message he wished to convey to the british population.

The clasp goes in a similar sense, as the turquoise often mean luck and protectionjust what we need at this moment.

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Others have also pointed out that the choice of the attire of the queen Elizabeth could be a nod to the uniforms used by the workers of health system of United Kingdom and who is not, of course, forgot it in your message.

“The time in which the United Kingdom has come together to applaud their care workers and essential will be remembered as an expression of our national spirit,” he said.

The queen also recalled the first message that he did, and which was broadcast on television in 1940, at the start of the Second World War . On that occasion, the princess of 14 years, gave a message to the side of the princess Margarita to calm all those children who had been moved to shelters.

“Today, once more, many of us feel a painful separation from our loved ones, but now, more than ever, we know in the background that is the right thing.”