Miss England will help as a doctor to stop COVID-19

When Bhasha Mukherjee crowned as Miss England in the mid 2019, he never imagined the work that would have to do a few months later: to leave the crown to join the rows of doctors that help stop the outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19 in the United Kingdom.

Bhasha, 24 years old, is a student of medicine that specializes in respiratory diseases. When she won the beauty contest, she had to make a pause in their studies to take the crown and begin the humanitarian work that comes with the title of Miss England.

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[Bhasha Mukherjee. Foto: Facebook Miss England Beauty Pageant]

Now, Bhasha had to make a pause in your duties as a beauty queen to return to the hospitals. After spending time in India working in various organizations on behalf of women, Miss England he returned to the Uk to join the ranks of the british health care systemthat has been overwhelmed by the high number of cases of coronavirus recorded in that country.

“When you are doing community work abroad, it is expected that you have to wear the crown, you prepare and you look beautiful. I wanted to return directly to work. I felt I had to be part of thisfor that I am studying and what better time to support that now,” he said in an interview with CNN.

Bhasha returned from India few days ago and has to pass isolated 14 days to rule out that you have contracted the virus. After that time, will be joining the team of doctors in the british health care system to help fight the COVID-19.

“There is No better time to be Miss England and to help my country, right when they need it,” he said.

[Foto: Instagram @bhasha05]

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