“My boyfriend gave me my first mobile phone to control myself”: Naomi Campbell remembers with Cindy Crawford your relationship toxic | Present, Fashion


With the fourth wave feminist beating still with force and in full by 2020 it is increasingly clear what relationships are healthy and which are not. If questioned, your clothes, your friends, or your outputs, and you want to know what you do, where you are and with whom at every moment, the alarm will go.

In the nineties, however, romantic love is not placed in the spotlight constantly. If today, according to the CIS, which is still one of every four young spaniards to see it as normal the constant control in a partner, it is possible to imagine the figures then, when they haven’t studied these perceptions and some behaviors were accepted socially.

These misconceptions did not escape anyone. Not even the stars more popular. Or the supermodel, as just revealed Naomi Campbell. In the first edition of his interview program on the Network, No filter with Naomi, the british invited his friend and companion of profession Cindy Crawford share a talk in which they recalled their early days in the profession.

The conversation seemed banal. Focused on its relationship with the photographers of that time (Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton), or with the designers. Until they came to the topic of mobile phones. Came right after the u.s. tell your friend the three tips that she has given her daughter, also a model Kaia Gerber, to exert on the runway. “I know spot, he studies the portfolio of the photographers with work to know what you are going to ask and leave the mobile at one side in the backstage. Connect with those who wear make-up and comb, because it will probably be your friends.”

At that point, Campbell adds that they were not mobile and that personal contact mattered. Crawford takes advantage of it to remember that his friend was the first to have one of these devices. “Yes, my boyfriend gave me my first mobile to know where I was all the time and me”, he confesses that one of the most sought after models. Cindy Crawford follows with the theme and recalls what cost to his colleague to pay his phone when someone asked him to. “It was so expensive to call,” he recalls. But it wasn’t that the reason why her friend did not share the mobile. And she clarifies: “Yes, it cost a lot. But I was also terrified by if he just called my boyfriend and I did not find myself or another person picked it up. I didn’t know what could happen.” After this confession, the mannequin is in a rush to settle the topic to continue the talk in a relaxed atmosphere. “In any case, that was already finished”.

The rejection of his lunar waste, and noventero

Before getting to the confession of Naomi Campbell on the relationship toxic that remained, Cindy Crawford’s be honest about another aspect: her famous mole. Revealed that girl hated it, and therefore not angry when he began to move to work as a model in Chicago and told him to remove it. “My first modeling agency, very small and that I don’t remember the name, recommended me to remove my mole. My mother avoided it. I said: ‘okay, but keep in mind that you know how you look now, but do not know how you will be left with the scar'”.

What remained, but it was found at the start of his career with that removed in the photographs. “I retired when I was working in Japan and what they took away on my first cover in the british edition of Vogue”, account. The american edition of the magazine, however, remained in the first cover of the supermodel intact the mole. “To see me at first flat with him, I believe that I helped many women and girls to feel comfortable with their freckles. It happened to be what was generating insecurity is what made us stand out”.

In another moment of the conversation, Naomi Campbell points out the waste that is lived at that time in the fashion world. “The designers were very generous. If you could see a outfit you loved and you said ‘What I want’, I regaled”, says. His partner espeta then that she was better than the rest. “But yes, it’s true that you could stay for a purse or a jacket that you liked it.” With the successive economic crises that have been experienced since that time of splendor, everything has changed. “Not now taking place,” agrees Campbell.

With this first interview and a second had already been published, with the designer Marc Jacobsthe supermodel has followed in the footsteps of Miley Cyrus, who also performs a weekly show with guests of exception. What will become the dummy and the singer on the Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres of the quarantine? Respondents from high quiff, a channel on which to transmit, the interest of the media and the audiences fired already have. The weather will determine what are these experiments.