“My madness has no cure”: Paty Navidad responded to the version of alert on your mental health


Patricia Christmas has earned hundreds of reviews for their comments on the femicide, global warming, and in the last days, the coronavirus. The actress has been busy denying all these phenomena and their comments have been viralizado in all of Mexico, so many have doubted your mental faculty and think they should be treated by a medical specialist.

A friend of the famous he declared to the magazine TV Notes that the family Christmas and the thought of seeking therapeutic help and to lessen the problems of depression that presents, from a time ago.

According to the source consulted by the mexican publication, the star What poor rich or The ugly more beautiful issues this kind of comments because the do not have a lot of work is obsessed with issues such as political conspiracies, ufos and the forces of evil.

“Your family is already worried. At the beginning, respect their ideas, but Paty has become very paranoid, I believe that everything that happens in the world is a conspiracy and that they are spying for extermination,” said the person close to the famous.

But Paty Christmas was not slow in responding to this issue and that is that a few minutes ago, wrote on his Twitter account: “¡¡My madness has no cure and is infinite … for what I ride “very” worried!!”.

The comment of the actress divided the opinions between those who support and those who have been commissioned to go against their beliefs.

In the latest version of the magazine TV Notes he also asserted that already seek medical help: “Yes, your sister Yadira has asked you to please go to the psychiatrist, because it has affected you in the work, to the extent that the producers do not want to hire because it makes them very unlikely their behavior.”

The controversial comments of Paty Navidad

The controversial famous mexican has issued comments against femicide, the global warming, the coronavirus and up in support of Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“Covid-19. Creation of the elite to control the population under the fear and psychosis through the “information terrorist”, throw economies of the world and lead us to a global recession and at the same time it is a business of great profits for the pharmaceutical, banks and corporations”, was one of the last messages controversial actress.

On the disease which has infected more than 1,381,014 people, also wrote on her Twitter: “The Coronavirus is a virus created by the pharmaceutical as part of the plan of the dark elite, method of control and mass population reduction: ‘Plan Kalergi’”.

On other occasions he also won critical view on feminism. Of this topic wrote “the term femicide is only a term invented to create a division between men and women. There are murders of men, women and children.”

Until he dared to raise voice against the activist Greta Thunberg, who accused her of being a puppet manipulated, controlled and used by the same elite and the organs of the Organization of the United Nations (UN).

For all of these comments has been called “crazy”, but she has defended at all times.

“If insanity is a disease, I don’t want to heal meI give big wings to fly in freedom, and color to my imagination, fun and creativity, a true pleasure so wonderfully deep that only madmen know … ATTE. Patricia Christmas, or Paty, La Loca”, replied a few months ago on his Twitter account.