Myrka Dellanos is not silent or hide their faith in Telemundo


The new host of Al Rojo Vivo remains firm their strength in God and even his daughter Alexa Dellanos responds to her in her faith

Myrka Dellanos is not silent or hide their faith in Telemundo

Myrka Dellanos.

Telemundo/A New Day

Myrka Dellanos it takes your faith in God where ever you go, and now through The Red Live also spoke about the true meaning of good Friday.

“The Holy Friday commemorates the death of Jesus! He died voluntarily for us so that we could be forgiven of all sin! Thank You, Jesus! We can only say “Thank you”,” explained the television personality through Instagram

“Today I had the blessing of having @marthasocarras in the program to explain so eloquently the love Of God and the hope that is found only in The,” said Myrka on the opportunity to bring more about God through Telemundo.

Fans who tune into the program and continues to Dellanos also have been grateful for their words and the way that you have to carry the name of God in every time and place without being ashamed of their faith.

  • velazquezdesiree
    Thanks for the programming going on among so much bad news, the message of the good news of Salvation❤️
  • dreldyhernandez
    God bless you for this explanation as accurate and precise about the sacrifice of our Lord, and Gave watch over you and keep Mirka not deny your faith and be used by The .??
  • mulhermag
    Amazing to see how to bring honor to God whenever @myrkadellanos so much to learn from you!
  • raquelcoquis
    Thanks @myrkadellanos and Pastor @marthasocarras for sharing this beautiful message of hope that we need so much in these moments! We continue to believe in the Blessings of our Lord jesus Christ! ??????

Through its account of Instagram the mom of Alexa Dellanos also diffuses the power of prayer, and moves to their fans in chains to pray and be strengthened in faith in these times of gloom for the coronavirus.

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