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In may 2019, after eight years and more than 70 chapters, the series “Game of Thrones” ended, and their protagonists took different paths. A special case is that of the actress Nathalie Emmanuelwho gave life to ‘Missandei’, a translator and a faithful companion of Daenerys (Emilia Clarke), and now stars in the romantic comedy “Four weddings and a funeral”.

In an interview with the Trade journal, and other media in Latin america, carried out through the application Zoom, the british actress 31-year-old told details of his new challenge in the television and how it felt to participate in one of the series most important of the decade, which he recalls with much affection.

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Created by Mindy Kaling and Matt Warburton, “Four weddings and a funeral” is inspired by the romantic movie of the same name of 1994 that catapulted him to fame Hugh Grant with the remembered character ‘Andie McDowwel’, a man with difficulties in love.

Nathalie Emmanuel starred in the series “Four weddings and a funeral”. (Photo: Fox Premium)

In this new version, the actress gives life to ‘Maya’, a young professional political communication that travels to London to reunite with his friends of the university and to recover after a complication of love.

“I love to work in the romantic genre because it is like a dream of adolescence that it became a reality. I hope that someone somewhere is watching and say: Oh, God, this is great. It was amazing to be a part of that, and especially something so iconic, especially in the Uk, but that crossed borders and became popular in the world”told Emmanuel, pointing out that the original movie of “Four weddings and a funeral” tops your list of film favorites.

It also highlighted the work of Mindy Kaling, producer and screenwriter of the series, which is broadcasted on Fox Premium, and the application of Fox. According to said, this romantic comedy breaks stereotypes and adapts to the new generation with a story starring a woman of color.

Many romantic comedies have a point of view very closed, have a look male and I like that Mindy adapt the genre to the present day because many of those things are no longer acceptable to the public. She pays tribute to some of the storylines and moments of those romantic comedies that we love so much, so it feels the legacy of those stories, characters and filmmakers, transformed to reflect the world in which we live”said Emmanuel.

Nathalie Emmanuel starred in the series “Four weddings and a funeral”. (Photo: Fox Premium)

Another of the changes that Nathalie Emmanuel highlights is the opening of the film industry to women. The actress participated in the musical of “The Lion King” at the age of 10, starred in “Fast and Furious” and “Maze Runner”, and clarifies that in all these stories has meaning to listen more to the views of women of color like her.

“You can’t record a series on London and all the characters are white (laughter). ‘Four weddings and a funeral’ is innovative because there are not many series that have casts really inclusive. The atmosphere on the set was also very different and very fun for me,” told the actress. “The women that we see in the series are the closest, it’s easy to identify with them, there is no longer the image of the ideal woman in the male gaze. I am grateful to have participated in a project like this”added.


“In summary, yes, it changed me life”responds Nathalie Emmanuel to be consulted for his expertise in “Game of Thrones”, where he shared a studio with Emilia Clarke, the famous Daenerys, the “Mother of Dragons”.

“I came to ‘Game of Thrones’ in the third season being a fan. It was not a recurring character, only going to be in a few chapters, so the fact to be up to the final was somewhat surprising, but very encouraging. Be part of the phenomenon that was the series is something that only happens once in the life. I met the best of friends and I worked with people the more brilliant”he said the actress, who seeks to follow starring in various productions.


“Four weddings and a funeral” is issued via Fox Premium. Premiered on Wednesday march 25th and releases a new chapter each week. You can also watch the episodes on the app Fox Play.


This was the trailer of the eighth season of “Game of Thrones”

Trailer of the eighth season of “Game of Thrones”. (Source: HBO)