Netflix and the mexican Academy launch support fund for technical film


The Mexican Academy of motion picture Arts and Sciences (AMACC) and Netflix have launched a support fund of 25 million pesos (about $ 1 million) for technicians of the industry that reside in Mexico whose productions were suspended for the current situation facing the world.

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“The technical workers and manual are the backbone of the film industry,” said Monica Lozano, president of the AMACC in a statement issued Thursday. “The commitment of Netflix with this fund is very welcome, we hope that other industry members can join in and contribute.”

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The workers concerned must submit an application that will be evaluated by a committee comprised of members of the AMACC), the Mexican Institute of Cinematography and the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

The current sanitary contingency has been paralyzed in almost all audiovisual productions in Mexico, which is only 2018 produced 186 movies, and whose film industry generated more than 30,000 jobs, according to figures from the IMCINE.

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The Support Fund COVID-19 for the Film and Audiovisual Industry aims to support more than 1,000 workers between assistants, technicians and operators of production departments such as camera, sound, art, makeup, costumes, locations, and transportation, the majority of whom charge by the week or by project.

The AMACC is the organization that annually awards the Ariel awards, the mexican equivalent of the Oscar.