Home Celebrity News Nicole Gatti presents “Guilty,” his new single

Nicole Gatti presents “Guilty,” his new single


After the huge success of its theme debut “BlaBlabla” Nicole Gatti,presents us with his latest single “Guilty.”

Composed by B. Vou, tell me Zamu and John Vegas and produced by Dale Hard, team of producers young mexicans who have worked most recently in the development of artists such as David Aguilar, Axel Muñiz, Fer Casillas, Alex Hoyer, and Nicole Horts, among others.

“Guilty” was mastered in New York by DaveKutch who has credits with Charlie Puth, Rita Ora, Justin Bieber and John Legend, among a huge list.

The video was made by Guayabo Films having to head to the director Rodrigo Aroca who gave him a sense young and fresh to the lyrics of this song narrating the relationship a secret from a young man who is in love with his teacher of violin, but that, by the age difference, you have to stay that, a secret, idyllic and dreamy.

Nicole Gatti is emerging as one of the most strong options of the pop in Spanish youth since, its only 15 years of age, carries a career that has prepared you to reach, without doubt, to occupy that space, that step by step builds with hard and impeccable work.