North West scolds Kim Kardashian for hiding it


During the quarantine period, several celebrities have shared endless experiences and activities with their fans through their social networks, and of course that Kim Kardashian it is not the exception. Now, just upload a minitutorial of makeup to learn the art of contouring and how to fix quickly at home. While this type of tutorial are well known by fans of the celebrity, what is certain is that this video has an extra that has fascinated all: a special appearance of North West.

First, Kim Kardashian appears in his bathroom and tells his followers that is going to give you some tricks of makeup that we can apply in our daily routine. In less a minute, we see how North West accompanies her and starts to ask some things (he even talks of Pokémon! We are fans).

While the tutorial progresses, we see that the interactions of the North West are becoming more and more noticeable, and Kim tries to make a case, at the same time try not to lose the pace of the video. We see the North side of the door, next to her, asking for space to wash the hands, and Kim tells him to please go to the main bathroom, because it turns out that she was in the guest. But why?