Not everything is TV: The business of the faces and transmissions on Instagram


Live feeds for Instagram, it is a trend that if well had been giving some time to the accounts of the figures of the show; the quarantine by the coronavirus and the crisis situation of the media, accelerated the process so that the faces found on the social network an important niche for the generation of content.

The renowned singer Miley Cyrus, was one of the pioneers at the global level with this mode, when, in the mid of last month, made his debut with “Bright Minded: Live with Miley,” a program of interviews with other artists that emits on a daily basis through a live from your Instagram. Within the list of celebrities that have passed by your space are Ellen Degeneres, Hailey Bieber and Demi Lovato.

In the local market, there are already several entertainers who have joined the trend: Martín Cárcamo, Jordi Castell, Angelica Castro and Pamela Diaz are just some of them. To understand “the business” behind a account of Instagram, they must start by pointing out that the broadcasts of these live do not generate money for the faces (not to be that they get linked to a brand that the sponsors), but if you deliver value to the account of the person and, add followers, that if you have a commercial value. “Many faces of tv are using the streaming platforms of Instagram, Youtube and Facebook to generate live content, including your TV programs, but using this other “screen”, explains Carolina Mandil, director general of the marketing agency eGLOW also explains that “this creates entertainment, content value, continuity and loyalty with their followers. Also, in many cases, increase the amount of followers and views of your content, both in stories and in their respective walls.”

This, if it brings revenues to the faces, as it makes their accounts are attractive to brands, and consider migrants as “ambassadors” or “influencers” of their products. In that sense, in addition to receiving goods and services as a form of “redemption” in exchange for a publication, you also receive a payment. As explained by sources inside the industry, by a posting -this is a picture on the wall – can receive from $300,000 up to $ 1,000,000 pesos depending on the amount of followers they have. While for a story -an image that remains for 24 hours in your profile – are received from the $80,000 up to $300,000 pesos. It should be noted, that these amounts have decreased product of the crisis of post-social explosion and now the covid-19, and only brands that can be marketed by e-commerce or in supermarkets, are the ones that maintain your campaigns in place, since the other shut down this type of advertising activities.

Martín Cárcamo is one of the figures that began with the formula here with “eating Lunch with the blond”, a space of interviews that emits on a daily basis and has had excellent results because they not only had faces of tv as guests, but rather recognized sports figures, yesterday it was the turn of Mauricio Pinilla. “It was with our producers, basically because after “Dancing,” I decided to make a quarantine because he had been with many people and when one is a communicator searches for all instances to be with people and I had never done a live on my Instagram and as I was alone in my house, I looked for it at the lunch hour to accompany me and accompany people,” explains the driver of Channel 13 on this initiative, detailing that “it worked super well and I wondered what would happen if what do I do with the people that I know and what profesionalizamos a little and so came a day program for the other. And the name came from the ideas of the same people”. The emissions from the animator of the Festival de Viña, in addition they have had excellent results on the number of visualizations, since it increased from 60,000 to 200 thousand with which expected to close this week.

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Another formula that is proving successful is the brands that are associated with faces, for broadcast programs, it is the case of the Magazine Velvet, which has two spaces that have been very successful, one in the morning led by Angélica Castro and another in the afternoon for Jordi Castell, in both, they interview figures of show business as Carolina de Moras, Katherine Salosny and Francisca Merino. “We started to work on our web platform and social networking with digital content… not enough for the print magazine,” explains Katherine Echaiz, founder of the publication in addition explains that “we were working on this and came to the quarantine, then we felt that it was time to explore Instagram as the NEW television. The amount of interactions, the response of the guests and the audience, we showed that this is the only way for the media today”.