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The State Government makes available to the public more than a thousand books and audiobooks for download free of charge.

Saltillo, Coah.- With the aim that the population coahuilense avoid leaving the house, do not contribute to the spread of the coronavirus, the Government of the State made available to the public more than a thousand books and audiobooks for download free of charge.
So said Alfonso Vasquez Sotelo, Coordinator General of Libraries, Publications and Libraries of the State, to ensure that on the internet page you can find great titles of literature within the reach of a click.

You can find great titles of literature, the scope of a ‘click’.

“We have received a lot of support on the part of governor Miguel Angel Riquelme Solis to nourish and refresh our site, and so provide better reading material for the coahuilenses”, he stressed, “we hope that during this time of the contingency the population use the digital books to mitigate the isolation and boredom being at home.”
After registering, users will be able to access over 500 titles of fiction, are indispensable in every library, written by authors such as Charles Dickens, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Alexander Dumas, William Shakespeare, James Joyce, Frank Kafka, Benito Pérez Galdós, and Victor Hugo, among others.

In addition, on the page find the link that will take you to the mx/biblioweb, where you can download audio books as Alice in Wonderland, and Anna Karenina.
As well as Zarathustra, Ben-Hur, Song of Christmas, Crime and Punishment, Tales of Charles Andersen, The Thousand and one Nights, fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm, The Decameron, Dracula, The Count of monte cristo, The Stranger, The Metamorphosis, The Magic Mountain, The little Prince, around The world in 80 days, The Odyssey, Moby Dick, and many more.

Users will be able to access over 500 titles of fiction.

“Users who register have access to more than 400 titles published by the Government of Coahuila, essential to the knowledge of the history and culture that characterize our people,” added Vázquez Sotelo.
In addition, you can find textbooks for primary, secondary and baccalaureate; language dictionaries, educational material, information for teachers, information resources, encyclopedias, and, most importantly, will be able to give virtual tours for important libraries in the world.

“The page also has sections of interest to young and old, as the blog of so-So, with reviews of books for children and young people; the Digital Magazine Biblería 070, with content of history and the related libraries, and relevant news in the world of education, among many other things,” he said.